Image Use Policy

Fatale Cosmetics Image Usage Policy - for stockists

Fatale Cosmetics has produced many high quality product images of the cosmetics.These have been made available for all stockists and can be used on stockist websites to sell the product, for promotional purposes and on social media.

These images have been made available on a dropbox and you can simply email to request access.

We have also made available model closeups and skin palette images. These will assist in showing the customer how the lipstick looks on different skin tones etc. These images can again be used to sell and promote the product online, on social media and in print.

Due to licensing restrictions, we regret that we cannot give access to our official model images.

Social media:-
Reposting of images featuring products or models through social media is permitted providing Fatale Cosmetics and the models are tagged. This does not apply to any non official images on social media such as those created by influencers, reposts of customers or other stockists. 

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